Teaching Tips

1. Do something at the very beginning that grabs their attention. It doesn’t need to be anything extravagant, even a simple story would help engage everyone. As we do this, we are also inviting the Spirit.
2. When you share a scripture or a quote, ask them to “look for” or “listen for” something. It helps keep everyone focused on the quote or scripture. For example: “As we read 2 Nephi 2:8, look for why it is important for everyone to know about Jesus Christ.” Also, don't make broad statements like, "Everyone is familiar with the story about Alma the Younger" (or anyone else). A lot of people aren't familiar with scripture stories and will need background info before you tell about the person. 
3. Put scriptures and quotes on a powerpoint (or iPad for the Roundtable Discussions) so people can follow along as you read. 
4. Share personal experiences that will help the women relate to what you are sharing.
5. Remember that although you will be mostly speaking, you are still teaching.
6. Remember to teach doctrine and things that will be backed up by the Spirit.
7. Ask questions that will spark a good discussion rather than yes and no questions. And after someone has shared something, repeat a part of what they said and why you liked it: “Oh I loved how you said that you knew God answered your prayers. I also know Heavenly Father loves us and answers our prayers.”
8. Bear your testimony frequently—you don’t need to wait until the end!
9. Give them something that they can take away with them and apply. Encourage them to live the things that you taught.
10. End with your testimony!