Alexandria Barney

Alexandria Barney is an aspiring author and high school English teacher from southeast Texas. At only 23 years old, SALT Gathering is her first opportunity to speak outside of a public school classroom, but she’s confident it won’t be her last. Alexandria is a graduate of Texas A&M University, where she became a convert to the Church. Despite hardship and rejection from almost everyone she knew upon her decision to be baptized, she credits her Heavenly Parents to all she’s accomplished and the blessings she’s received. Alexandria has written for many online publications, including The Odyssey, Work and Wonder, and LDSLiving. Her website, “kimball + jane”, highlights her style as a writer with articles that are both authentic and optimistic. Her dream is to continue speaking and writing for women in the Church, with plans to finish a book project by the end of the year. Alexandria was married in the Houston temple to her crush from junior high, a lifelong member named Leighton, and together they have one baby girl named Jane.

Anbre Lewis

Anbre Lewis graduated in Business Marketing and Psychology from Utah State University, where she also met her husband (whom she knew she would marry from their first date). They now have four amazing kids, a weiner dog named Newman, some chickens and a home out in the middle of nowhere (aka, Beaverdam, UT). Anbre loves to travel and plan fun adventures for her family and in the process has become a self-proclaimed “family archivist”. Along with archiving her own family, she has run a photography business for 10 years and recently launched Scrapvideo, a course that teaches others how to create their own personal family films. Anbre loves to study and discuss all things in the spiritual realm, but has a special place in her heart for women in the scriptures and how women can step into the spiritual power. She has been energized with the current emphasis on personal revelation and how we individually and uniquely “Hear Him”. As a woman of faith, Anbre loves to learn, teach and discuss how we each can gain a personal relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Arianna Rees

Arianna Rees is a therapist-trained life coach and host of the With Real Intent podcast. She is passionate about intentional living and loves teaching others how to apply Gospel truths, with our understanding of human behavior, to compassionately elevate ourselves, our families, and our personal stories.Her joy-language is adventure, so you’ll often find her exploring new places in the AZ desert on foot, by paddleboard, or by bike. She and her husband are the parents to 2 teens and a young adult, who are all a little obsessed with their family dog. Arianna has served as the keynote speaker for several LDS Stake Conferences and other church-related women's events. She has led graduate-level classroom lectures, been on expert panels in her field, and presented to groups in the community. Her favorite callings have been to serve as a teacher in the Relief Society and to moonlight as an early-morning Seminary teacher when the opportunity has come up! The greatest compliment she’s been given over the years, is in her ability to connect with others in a way that inspires and motivates. She’s looking forward to the SALT Retreat and the opportunity this event provides to share spirit-led wisdom that helps women to lift and support each other in our daily steps forward.

Becky Proudfit

Becky is a native New Yorker turned west coast desert dweller. She first learned about the gospel of Jesus Christ while she was working as Cinderella for the Walt Disney Company in Orland, Florida. She felt like she was coming home as she cultivated a relationship with her loving Heavenly Parents and was baptized. Her life since baptism has seen some extremely trying times, but ultimately centering her life on simple gospel truths has not only helped her through, but helped her to thrive. She is married to the greatest man alive and she has the blessing of being a mother to the 4 greatest children. She accidentally fell into a speaking career over a decade ago when she was asked to share her story of faith for the Mesa Arizona Visitors Center. Since then she has shared and taught tens of thousands of Latter-day Saints. The addition of the Cultivate A Good Life podcast came after her journey with cancer and has been a way for her to share the simple gospel truths in over 53 countries. Her passion is for helping women to realize and act into their divinity. She believes when we remember who we are and who we were always created to be we can literally change the world. She loves teaching and has been blessed to be able to teach tens of thousands of women over the last 10 years at local and regional church events. She has massively pulled back from speaking in the past two years and now only speaks at events that she feels particularly called to do.

Brooke Beatty

Brooke Beatty-Babcock is an Alice in Wonderland loving, dance break commencing, babbling creator from Sacramento, Ca. She lives with a boy who has followed her around since the 11th grade, also known as her husband Bobby. She has a 13 year old robot named Parker (he’s an actual human but is profoundly deaf and wears Cochlear Implants), and a “Lion King” obsessed 2 year old, Shepard. However it doesn’t feel like a true introduction of her family if we don’t also include her two daughters Kennedy & Holland who have gone back to live with our loving Heavenly Father just a few years ago. Because of them her family is anchored to perspective and reminds her to live with a “brightness of hope” each day. This year at SALT she will be focusing on teaching how even in your darkest moments, HOPE has always been there. She cant wait to share this spirit filled space with all of you this September!

Camille Osborn

Camille Osborn is a Certified Life Coach who helps christian women navitage their faith. In her private coaching practice she utilizes the principles of modern emotional health and mindfulness to help her clients fall in love with the process of learning, healing & becoming. When she is not homeschooling her two kiddos or cuddling David, her husband, you can find Camille thrifting, decorating her home, or excitedly planning her next girls trip. Her ultimate goal is to empower women everywhere to boldly accept themselves and co-create a marvelous life with her adoring Heavenly Parents.

Carolynn Reynolds

Carolynn is a wife to an amazing husband & mother to 6 fun-loving kids, ages 12 & under. Her family is her number one joy! She is the owner of Branches, a business that creates custom family trees and other products that celebrate family past & present. She has a passion for creating connections with her ancestors and loves sharing that passion with others. She also enjoys swimming, biking, painting, calligraphy & basically anything creative.

Chanelle Neilson

Chanelle Neilson is the host and creator of the popular Moms Who Know Podcast. She is the author of Parenting with Purpose, which has been translated into Chinese. She loves sunshine, healthy living, and dark chocolate. Chanelle is the mother of 5 kids and married to her best friend. She loves helping moms do less so they can focus on what matters most.

Cheryl Cardall

Cheryl Cardall loves a good road trip, beautiful hikes, wildflowers, and deep conversations with good friends. For over two decades she has been passionate about strengthening families and encouraging moms to give themselves grace, take care of themselves and realize they are incredible human beings who are doing better than they think they are. She is a mom of 5: 4 boys and one daughter who range in age from 10-21. She has been married to her husband, David for 24 years. Her Instagram account Supermamas4real started as a hobby to share her thoughts about motherhood that has evolved into a passion project about advocacy and a forum for educating parents who are raising children with mental health challenges. She recently started the podcast Fight Like a Mother to be a resource and community for those who find themselves working through the trenches we call parenting. She has a background in early childhood education and has taught preschoolers, college students as well as motherhood/parenting retreats. Teaching the gospel is something she feels called to do, whether that is teaching her primary kids a powerful primary song as chorister, discussing the healing power of the atonement with one of her children, or teaching a group of incredible women who are striving to become like their Savior. Cheryl is excited and honored to be a part of Salt Retreat 2020!

Dani Lawson

Dani Lawson lives in Davis county Utah. She has been married for 15 years to Jake Lawson and they have 7 kids, 5 girls and 2 boys. Dani was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 18. Through life’s struggles and hardships you will find Dani in her favorite place, her kitchen having a mini dance party with her kids or cooking them something yummy to eat.

Danielle Cook

Danielle Cook is an active educator, teaching as a Family Life Educator for the past 6 years to a wide variety of audiences with Utah State University and Utah Valley University. She is certified in teaching several curriculum including Parenting with Love and Logic, Anger Management, Dating and Life Skills courses. She is passionate about service, people and relationships and believes her life’s work is through empowering others to live their full potential. Her life motto is “be a fountain, not a drain” that was adopted from her late father. She loves being physically active and considers herself an adrenaline seeker. Danielle has enjoyed co-founding Arise, but ultimately the heart and soul of her life is her family: her wonderful husband, 3 young daughters, and loving extended family.

Emma Jade

Emma Jade is a mom and a newscaster, working every day to combine the two through MOMCAST! Delivering the news on social media to fellow moms, dads, and people on-the-go. Emma's dream was to become a main morning news anchor but when that dream came true her dream of having a family did, too. After trying to balance and manage both, Emma realized putting family first would ultimately bring her the most happiness. However, she was determined to still keep her career goals going. She turned her living room into a studio and every morning puts together her own newscast, using her extensive background in the news business to continue informing others about what's happening in the world -- because who says stay-at-home moms can't still pursue their dreams?! Emma Jade is also a contributing anchor to Today in AZ, the NBC affiliate in Phoenix. Emma is a seven-time Emmy Award winner, including most recently winning Best Morning Newscast. She began her career in the city that never sleeps, New York, as an associate producer at ABC News’ Primetime. From there, she flew across the globe with NBC Universal to cover the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, later earning her first Emmy Award for the coverage. From Beijing to Idaho, Emma began working as an anchor and reporter at KIFI, the ABC affiliate in Idaho Falls. In 2010, she was asked to join the NBC team again for the Vancouver Winter Olympics. After two years of freezing temperatures in Idaho Falls, she married the love of her life and moved to the Valley of the Sun to join NBC's 12 News. While at 12, Emma covered the London and Sochi Olympic Games, three consecutive Golden Globe Awards, The Voice red carpet, and landed a spot as a behind-the-scenes reporter at the Today Show in NYC.

Emmilie Whitlock

Emmilie Whitlock is a wife and mother of two, currently living in Mesa, Arizona. After receiving a Bachelor's degree in communication from BYU-Idaho, Emmilie worked for several news outlets including Deseret News and Deseret News National, and later returned to BYU-Idaho as an adjunct professor. A passionate writer, Emmilie runs a blog that dives into the joy and the grit of motherhood, faith and mental health. Emmilie is a Diet Coke enthusiast, a family history addict and a genuine hot mess, always searching for ways to add more holiness to her life.

EmyLee McIntyre

EmyLee is a depression warrior and found her calling in helping other women master their mood and drop the shame when they can’t. She is a talker by nature so once she learned the tools to continually best her depression, life coaching was an easy jump. Her favorite days include cycling outside, some crossfit, coaching her face off for five hours straight, taking her kids on an adventure and then going on a non planned but much needed date with her husband. Usually grocery shopping. She is in love with the calling she has found, helping moms like her master their depression, and being able to include her knowledge of her Savior in that process. SALT is the perfect place to continue to follow her desires to uplift the women around her. She can’t wait to hug each and everyone of you!

Esther Langi

In 2007, Esther Langi graduated from Brigham Young University-Hawaii with a bachelor's degree in Writing & Music, but found her passion for teaching and public speaking much earlier. She has taught Polynesian dance as early as 10 years old, as well as hip hop, tap, and freestyle. She has tutored students of all ages in the subjects of math, reading, writing, physics, and the English language. She has taught piano, voice, ukulele, and coached volleyball. Currently, Esther has found her groove in the health and wellness industry as a business owner, fitness instructor, personal trainer, and nutrition coach. Within Church, Esther has fulfilled speaking and teaching callings such as Gospel Doctrine teacher, Relief Society teacher, and Primary counselor. She has been asked to speak in various church gatherings, including stake youth conferences (as a youth and an adult) and young women meetings. Outside of Church, she has judged speech competitions, performed in music festivals, theater productions, and even MC’d for wedding receptions. A true introvert and a postpartum depression survivor, Esther’s deep desire is to share with the women of SALT her knowledge that our Heavenly Father loves us, and that His love gives us power beyond our wildest dreams. A military wife of 13 years, Esther lives in Wyoming with her wonderful husband, Siope, and their 5 children.

Karen Broadhead

Karen and Kent Broadhead have 5 amazing children and 10 wonderful grandchildren. As the Parent Support Specialist at Life Changing Services, Karen is passionate about serving families in pain or trauma involving pornography and other life challenges. She is the founder and director of Mothers Who Know, a free, weekly, online support group for women with a loved one in therapeutic need. Karen shares her own experiences of healing and advocates training for the whole family. She has mentored and taught hundreds of students in her classes and has more than 400 hours of recordings on her website, motherswhoknow.org. Karen’s webinar, Mom Power Training, strengthens all women and gives them tools to help their families. Her book, Momma Trauma: Now What?, is a compilation of principles she has shared for over a decade. Karen hosts and interviews guests in Mothers Who Know and Like Dragons Did They Fight podcasts. Karen was selected as a 2020 Utah Coalition Against Pornography presenter, and she spreads hope and understanding in speaking engagements across the country. She has served as a UCAP Board Member and currently serves on the Reach 10 Advisory Board. Karen is excited to speak at SALT because she knows when we are focused on Jesus Christ, He can turn our messes into messages, even miracles, of hope and healing. Christ is our Savior and Champion! He overcame all darkness and fear so He can meet us in our mess to fight for us when we are in the dark and full of fear.

Kim Rowley

Kim spent her childhood in Missouri waterskiing, show skiing, and dancing. In high school, she joined the ranks of her aviation family by getting her private pilot’s license. After graduating high school, she headed to Arizona to complete her flight training and be closer to her grandparents. Towards the end of flight school she was introduced to the gospel, cheered for the Arizona Cardinals, and became a flight instructor. She was baptized at the age of 19 in December of 1999 and met her amazing husband 3 months later. After September 11th, Kim decided to "retire" from her job at Grand Canyon Airlines and she and her husband moved back to Mesa, where they have called home for nearly 20 years. They have 4 sons that fill their days with so much noise, smell, laughter, and joy. They have their own little mini farm of chickens, ducks, and turkeys, along with a garden that is helping them grow their boys and themselves in more ways than just housework could ever do. And, they've become beekeepers! Kim is a voracious learner and loves to grow in her knowledge and testimony of the gospel and all the wonderful things that were given to us on this earth. She loves to see the connection between the gospel of Jesus Christ and her experience as a pilot, a gardener, a beekeeper, and of course, a mom. Now that her kids are nearly all in school, she's looking forward to the next chapter in life and the process of discovering what Heavenly Father is ready for her to do!

Kristy Carpenter

Kristy Carpenter was born & raised in Utah. She loves to travel and has lived in New York and Costa Rica. Kristy is married with two young boys. Shortly after her youngest son’s birth, Kristy was diagnosed with a rare, terminal cancer. Through her trail, she has grown closer to our Heavenly Father and is continually learning what it truly means to “Hear Him.”

Leslie McCleery

Growing up with 7 siblings on a farm in central Wyoming, Leslie learned the meaning of hard work from an early age. She grew up riding horses at every possible moment. Having five brothers uniquely prepared Leslie to be the leading lady in a home full of men, a husband of fifteen years and three sons. Her time is divided between running a business, volunteering at her children’s schools, church callings, exercising, and coming up with new home projects to work on. Leslie loves making spontaneous plans, visiting new places with her family, and movies with cheesy love stories. When her eight year old son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes six years ago, Leslie’s life was turned upside down. She desperately needed a spiritual overhaul in order to overcome the crippling anxiety that was slowly overtaking all aspects of her life. Developing her ability to communicate with the Holy Ghost in a more sincere way strengthened Leslie’s relationship with God. This was the catalyst in an in depth and ongoing study of how God communicates with us, and how we can more effectively use the Holy Ghost in our lives. Leslie is thrilled to be a part of the beautiful melting pot of learning and experience at SALT.

Lizzie Langston

Lizzie Langston is a mom to three, wife to a bearded hunk, and an AZ native🌵living in Denver. After struggling twice with postpartum anxiety and depression, Lizzie found empowerment and healing through life coaching and now coaches moms! She hosts The Postpartum Coach Podcast and has a blast coaching mammas in postpartum anxiety and/or depression. When she isn’t coaching or hangin’ with her hubs and babies, you can find her singing, dancing, swimming, hiking or playing volleyball with friends. Lizzie is excited to speak at SALT 2020 because connecting with other women, especially in a spiritual setting, is her jam.

Lizzy Tomseth

Lizzy Tomseth is a 17-year old living with Asperger's. Through years of battling depression and anxiety, she has come to learn that her trials are a gift through which she can learn and grow. She hopes that by sharing her story with others, that they too can understand that "different doesn't always need fixing" and that we have inherent worth, just the way we are.

Mariah Wickham

Mariah Wickham is a certified life coach. She’s also a mom to two teen boys (one birth & one adoption) and wife of 17 years to Michael & they reside in Orem, UT. She served a full time mission in Moscow, Russia and is currently a gospel doctrine teacher in her ward. She’s a former junior high teacher, history buff, travel devotee, and an aspiring karaoke performer. As an infertility survivor, foster mom, and now adoptive mom, she’s bounced back from a pit of unspeakable frustration and now speaks about and coaches other women on how to become a creator of what they want through the story of self. Her passion for growth gets her amped --which is why the gospel means so much to her -- & a great conversation over lunch is her favorite thing, but she’ll never forego an opportunity to snuggle up to a good book. She has participated as a speaker for other events such as Everyday Voices, Mom’s Conference, and Utah’s Annual Infertility Conference.

Meg Johnson

Megan Johnson received a Masters Degree in Social Work from BYU in 2008. For the past 12 years she has been devoted to helping others who experience depression and anxiety as a therapist at LDS Family Services and currently in her private practice. In 2018 she received a certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy and loves implementing this approach into her practice. Megan’s passion for helping others and openly discussing the topic of mental illness reached a new level when she lost her sister, Emily Cook Dyches, to Postpartum Anxiety in 2016. She is the Co-Founder of The Emily Effect, a foundation that honors Emily and seeks to raise awareness about maternal mental health and improve resources for those experiencing Postpartum Mood Disorders. Megan is especially passionate about talking about mental health in the context of the gospel and turning others to the ultimate source of healing, (including her own), the Savior. A boy mom by divine design, Megan and her husband Ray live in Lehi, UT and spend 99% of their time trying to keep up with her four rambunctious boys Mckay, Cole, Hayden, and Blake

Melissa Buckley

Melissa Buckley has endured a number of life’s challenges but has found greater strength through her faith in the Savior and wants to help other women do the same. She strives to share how purpose, resilience and healing all come through Jesus Christ. Melissa is known for combining her love of the gospel with her knowledge of the social sciences in order to deepen understanding of life’s more challenging concepts, such as vulnerability, shame, connection and empathy. She loves to explore the roles that each of these critical elements play in forming healthy relationships, both in family life and with God. Melissa lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, with her husband and twin toddlers. After attending Le Cordon Bleu culinary school, she spent three years running her own wedding cake business. Now, Melissa is enjoying life as a stay-at-home mom by day and a writer by night. Melissa’s work has been published in LDS Living, and she is a monthly contributor to Kay West’s “A Worldwide Sisterhood” blog. She has also appeared on episode 78 of the Spiritually Minded Mom podcast with Darla Trendler. Melissa is honored to share her experiences of faith and overcoming hardship as a means to connect with other women at SALT. She believes that sharing our unique stories is one of the most powerful ways to help others come unto Christ.

Natasha Dansie

Natasha Dansie is a Family Life Coach and a Certified Family Life Educator. She has taught relationship education classes through Utah State University for the past 7 years, and particularly enjoys her work with incarcerated fathers in prisons and jails. In addition to relationship education, Natasha is passionate about teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and was an Institute teacher for 7 years. She loves traveling, learning, snuggling, Sundays, mornings, and Disney. Natasha and her husband, Jeff, are raising their five children ages 3-15 alongside a variety of farm animals in Nephi, Utah.

Norma-Jean Livai

Norma-Jean is a Utah raised Samoan-American, married to a Spanish speaking Tongan, with three young children. After 15 years on Oahu, she and her family decided to trade palm trees for pine trees and are now living in Utah. She graduated from Brigham Young University – Hawaii in accounting and entrepreneurship and has created multiple successful businesses with her husband. She joined the church at the age of ten and has served in the young women’s program since graduating high school. She loves listening to others’ life stories, and is so inspired by SALT’s focus and commitment to helping women center their lives on Jesus Christ.

Rhonda Steed

Rhonda Steed actually hates writing bios because she doesn’t know how to sum up who she is in one paragraph. Rhonda was married to her love, Regan, in 2000 and together they have 5 unique, creative, incredibly smart kids: Alden (17), Lucy (14), Eli (11), Oliver (8) and Norah (7). They have a chaotic fun home with lots of noise is made, books are read and creative messes are made. They love music in their house of all kinds (really except Rap) from the different lessons her kids take to the various basement concerts they host. Rhonda likes to pretend she’s organized, but really she’s an unorganized, spontaneous, creative extrovert. She’s interested in learning everything and seeing everywhere and anywhere. She loves traveling and seeing different places but Waterton Parks, Alberta, Canada is her favourite place to visit. Rhonda is a bit obsessed with bread (in fact a “bread head”) and she loves baking and cooking anything, especially if it is difficult to bake. She doesn’t go many days without baking something. She loves pretty much all good food and her husband teases her that she’s a food snob but she’ll kindly accept any treats you want to make her. Rhonda is a professional photographer, a for fun painter, an obsessive memory keeper, a quick reader, and a lover of nature. She will talk to pretty much anyone and loves making new friends and considers herself great at friend matching – helping match people who be good friends with each other. Rhonda is terrible at saying no to things so she’s currently sitting on 4 town boards in her lovely town of Raymond, Alberta, Canada. She loves to discuss the different aspects of the gospel and currently serves as a ward gospel doctrine teacher. Rhonda is a life long member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints thanks to her parents joining the church when they were younger.

Rio Grange

Rio lives in the small town of Hailey, ID with her husband and three children, where they appreciate the slower pace and beautiful mountain community. In the spring of 2018 she founded Work + Wonder, where her devotion to God meets her passion for design. Weaving together her roles as a mother, artist, and business owner has been a beautifully chaotic journey—full of countless lessons learned and tender mercies along the way. She doesn’t claim to be an expert in discipleship, but rather a disciple of Christ in progress, ever-striving, and always trying. In everything she creates, from inspired products to her online community, Rio hopes you find motivation and excitement to live a light-filled life. She hopes you find Him—in EVERY beautiful detail of your journey.

Roxanne Thayne

Roxanne Platt Thayne was raised in Arizona, and enjoyed “a golden childhood.” Her testimony of Jesus Christ was nurtured by her parent’s example, stories of early pioneer ancestors, and a loving community of Saints. She worked her way through college as a coffee shop waitress in the summers, and during school as a university secretary. While earning her degree in secondary education in history and geography, she also joined the Ballroom Dance Company where she managed to snag the darling Tim Thayne as her eternal dance partner. Together they have raised their five children in Lehi, Utah. Tim and Roxanne have worked side-by-side as entrepreneurs their whole married life, which is where she turned her love for storytelling and her bubbly enthusiasm into a career in marketing, event planning, public relations, and writing. Their businesses have included everything from an all-natural hog farm to working with families of struggling teens. She is the author of Jewels in Your Pocket: How to Comfortably Share Your Faith Through the Power of Personal Stories, and co-author of Collective Brilliance: Spark Ideas, Build Faith, and See Your Ministry in a Whole New Light. As a founder of Rooftop Publishing, she helps women publish their faith-promoting works of non-fiction, personal development and family history. She has enjoyed teaching for 25+ years at high schools, corporate events, church classes, yoga studios and conferences. Roxanne is a big fan of book groups, long distance races with her friends, the “Walkie Talkies,” and reading . . . biographies being her favorite.

Stephanie Ingram

I’m a mom to 5 incredible kids, and wife to the awesome Greg. We live in Indiana and I grew up in Oregon, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado. I love running, the mountains, and the smell of homemade bread and rain. I always win in a game of Clue or Rummicube, and I occasionally win if I cheat in Battleship. After a decade of heart problems and learning how to love myself and witness God’s love for me, I received a lifesaving cardiac pacemaker. I’m getting a second chance to really live it all, on purpose!

Tomie Bankhead

Tomie is an 80’s girl—rocked the crimped hair, neon scrunchies, & planned to be a professional roller skater when she grew up. Now she watches her 4 darling daughters snapping polaroids, playing “girl talk,” wearing stonewashed jeans…and it takes her back! She met her dear, girl-trapped hubby at Utah State where she graduated in Communications. She formerly enjoyed coordinating elementary after-school programs in California and now teaches piano lessons in her home studio. She also loves writing for popular mommy blogs—when her preschooler isn’t painting the walls or begging to play dollies. A few of her favorites are big salads, camping, sandy toes, late nights, learning, and outdoor adventures. In the winter she likes to fly down the ski slopes, while in summer it’s hiking up the mountains. She loves Jesus Christ and is glad to give her all to sharing His light—even though on this roller coaster of mortal experience her best does not always shine through. She is accustomed to battling episodes of depression ranging from physiological, emotional, postpartum, and treatment resistant. She used to believe the debilitating symptoms accompanying these disorders didn’t qualify as illness and were better kept hidden under wraps. Now she better understands some of the influencing factors and feels compelled to shed knowledge on what many struggle with in darkness. She is excited to share her perspective on juggling the highs and lows of managing our mental health, to any degree. She feels like you should never feel hopeless with the power of Christ’s atonement.