About SALT

In early 2016, Elise Curtis was in the midst of darkness, depression and questioning the basics of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. During a conversation with her little brother one night, she mentioned that she wished there was an “EFY for women”- a place for women in her same stake of life could come, feel the spirit, and connect while they are going through some of the same challenges. 


This idea would not leave her for weeks to come. 

After a trip to the temple a couple of weeks later, she received the answer, “Take care of yourself before you take care of others”. Over time, she knew that she needed to not only take care of herself emotionally and mentally but spiritually as well. She had to lift up herself before she could be in a position to help others. After several months of searching, studying, praying and receiving answers, God allowed everything to fall into place for the first SALT Retreat that happened in March 2017. SALT has gone on to offer multiple events a year including the recently launched new series of events titled SALT Devotionals. 

SALT has and will continue to grow, in ways that Elise could never have imagined. Elise and her team of volunteers are so grateful for the opportunity to serve in this capacity and they love the chance to meet so many amazing women across this globe and to help them draw closer to their Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Elise is a mother of 3 kids, wife to an amazingly supportive husband, a photographer, loves to travel, loves to perfect cookie recipes and to binge watch Netflix!