You Are Destined for Greatness

You Are Destined for Greatness

The other day, while as I was driving on the freeway, my mind starting racing and I began thinking about all of the things I wanted to accomplish in life. But, after each thought, there was a big “Ya right, that won’t happen for you” statement that followed quickly behind. I started to get down on myself and resigning, once again, to this “truth” and then immediately, out of nowhere, the words “YOU ARE DESTINED FOR GREATNESS” came clear as day into my mind. I know that this is one way that God gives me personal revelation, so I immediately tuned in.Over the past 9 years or so, my brain and general well-being has been through the wringer from having babies to dealing with depression to questioning everything about my testimony. Not to mention, I feel like I have completely lost who I used to be AND the person that I dreamt that I could become. When these words came into my mind, it was the most empowering thought to have, because I knew it came straight from God (Heavenly Father + Heavenly Mother). THEY knew that I needed that reminder, and that my mind was beginning to be in a place to receive this truth. I have repeated this statement over and over to myself each day since. Any time I feel intimidated to do something, I remind myself, “You are DESTINED for GREATNESS”. If I ever compare myself to someone else, the thought, “You are DESTINED for GREATNESS” comes boldly behind.

What would the world look like if each morning we woke up and looked in the mirror and said this out loud to ourselves, KNOWING, that this is how our Heavenly Parents feel about us? They didn’t send us to this earth to live small. We were sent to this earth, at this time, to LIVE BIG and BELIEVE IN OURSELVES. So to anyone else out there that may struggle with self-esteem or depression or comparison (or a myriad of other things!), remember that YOU ARE DESTINED FOR GREATNESS and that you have the best cheerleaders in Heaven cheering you on.


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