Madison Wardle: Recognizing His Hand

Madison Wardle: Recognizing His Hand

Utah resident Madison Wardle recognizes that her art, her talent, even her passion for art is a gift from God. And it’s a gift she’s ready and willing to share. This artistic labor of love has helped her feel the love of the Lord in her life. 

Madison is one of our seven featured artist for our SALT Summit and her piece, “Christ,” is featured in the Summit’s workbook. 

Madison shared a little with us here at SALT about her background as a religious artist. You can read her answers here: 

  • When did you first feel the call to/want to become an artist? 
  • My whole life I have been surrounded by art! As a young girl I dreamed of being an artist and selling my work! It was not until just recently that I got up the courage to put my work out there! 

  • How does the creative process help you feel close to God?
  • I am so grateful for my talents and my gifts and I feel like my love for art is definitely a gift from God! As I am creating I think of that and how grateful to God I am for my talents, and my passions and it helps me to feel close to God. 

  • How has your art strengthened your faith?
  • After I got remarried I kept having these visions of really modern temples in my head! Once I receive inspiration I can't relax until I have put it on paper or started the creative process. It felt so good to be painting the temples in a very new and modern way, and from that point on my perspective and inspiration has been religious. Putting your art into the world is very scary and also very exhilarating! I definitely have to draw on my faith to give me the courage to create, and then allow myself to be very open and accepting of how others view my art. 

  • What do you hope for the people who see your art? 
  • I really put everything into my artwork. I value my artwork and all the time I put into each piece! I definitely feel close to God and to the Spirit while I am painting, and I hope when people see my artwork they can feel those feelings! Art is very powerful and can create and stir emotions in us that we didn’t know were there! I hope when people see my artwork they feel God's love for them. 

  • Can you share about a time you felt the hand of the Lord in your work?
  • I feel like every time I receive inspiration for a painting it is directly from God and I see and recognize His hand in my work. 

  • What’s next for you?
  • I am really excited because I have a really fun idea for the church’s international art competition! The theme this year is “all are alike unto god”. This will probably be one of my biggest pieces and my main focus for this year! So keep an eye out for that!!  

    Register today at for tickets to the SALT Summit, where we will be featuring Madison’s piece titled “Christ.”

    You can find more of Madison’s work at her Etsy Shop, Madison Wardle Art, and on Instagram at @madison_wardle.

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