Holiday Gift Guide : SALT Edition

Holiday Gift Guide : SALT Edition

Are you in the camp of "it's never too early to shop for Christmas" or do you wait until the last minute to do all of your shopping? I am one that likes to stock up throughout the year if I see a great deal (my husband does not understand this way of thinking!)

I have been so excited to gather together some of my favorite shops and put them all together in one blog post! All of these shops are either faith-based or encourage a wholesome activity that you can do alone or with your family. So while you are preparing for Black Friday next week or if you want to use this as a guide to help you throughout December, we have your back!

We broke our gift guides down into three categories: FOR HER, FOR HIM, and FOR THE KIDDOS- so be sure to check out all three! Also, be aware of the available discount codes- some are good now, some are good on Black Friday and some are good for longer than that! (Discount codes can be found underneath the pictures below)


1- Woven Temple Bag from SALT.
2- Double Exposure Temple Print from Jessica Parker Printshop!
3- WRKWNDR - from Work and Wonder
4- "Family Films with Sam" Guide - from Sam Kelly
5- Bright Box from Bright Box
6- Temple Dress from Q.Noor
7- Family Temple Tree from Branches



1- Custom Tie Tack or Cuff Links from Kelly Annie Jewelry
2- Loom Love Journal from Loom
3- Christ Portrait from Jenny Fowler Art
4- Plaid Ties from Boon Ties
5- Study Daily: The Book of Mormon from Zachary Cowan


1- Book of Mormon: Primary Edition from Line Upon Line
2- Book of Mormon Kindred Cards from Kindred Kids Club
3- Gospel related Children's Board Books from LATTER DAY BABY
4- Book of Mormon Workbook from Come Follow Me FHE
5- Seek and Find Game from Colorly Love
6- The Giving Manger 
7- Colorful Nativity from Designs by Nat

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