How would your life be different if the Book of Mormon was taken away?

How would your life be different if the Book of Mormon was taken away?

President Nelson has asked us to ponder about how our lives would be different if our knowledge gained from the Book of Mormon were suddenly taken away. If asked, I cannot pinpoint one specific time or experience where my entire testimony of the Book of Mormon was gained. In fact, it was the exact opposite. Small experiences of reading, studying and applying the principles found in the Book of Mormon to my life have piled up to become an undeniable testimony. There are a lot of things that are unknown to me, like the exact things that took place during the translation process, or where exactly the events of the Book of Mormon took place. But what I do know is that by the power of God, Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon and that as I study it and live by the doctrines of Christ found within it, I am a happier, better person. 
How has the Book of Mormon blessed your life? Think of at least one person that you can share your testimony with this week; whether that is online, to a family member or even to yourself through journal writing. And if your testimony of the Book of Mormon is feeling a little shaken, look back at your life and add up those tiny moments and see what they have become. 



 A Case for the Book of Mormon by Tad R. Callister (listen or read it on Deseret Bookshelf app) Click HERE to get 30 Days Free on the Deseret Bookshelf App

 "The Book of Mormon: What Would Your Life Be Like Without It?" By Russell M. Nelson, October 2017 

 "Safety for the Soul" by Jeffrey R. Holland, General Conference, October 2009 

 "Recognizing the Lord and His Healing Influence in the Book of Mormon and in Our Own Lives" by Ronald E. Terry, BYU Devotional June 7, 2005 

"Blessings Resulting from Reading the Book of Mormon" by L. Tom Perry General Conference, October 2005

"There Is Power in the Book" by LeGrand R. Curtis Jr. General Conference October 2016 

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