An Instrument in His Hands : Eva Timothy Artist Feature

An Instrument in His Hands : Eva Timothy Artist Feature

A convert at 16 years old, Bulgarian-born Eva Timothy is one seven of our featured artists for our upcoming SALT Summit. We asked Eva a few questions about both her artistic and spiritual inspiration when it comes to creating Christ centered art. 

Take a look at Eva’s story below, and get to know part of this remarkable woman’s journey through art and faith in Christ. 

  • Where are you from, Eva?
  • I grew up in Sophia, Bulgaria during Communism. When the wall fell, I started investigating religion intensely until one day I came across a couple of missionaries and attended my first LDS church service in a small room in a soccer stadium. I was so moved by the spirit in that meeting and joined the church at age 16. I later moved to the U.S. to attend school and currently reside on the New England coast North of Boston.

  • When did you first want to become an artist?
  • My dad was an amazing artist and growing up he would always point out beautiful details in the world around us. I never had enough money for a camera growing up, but I always felt like I was taking snapshots with my eyes of these kinds of details.

  • How does the creative process help you feel close to God?
  • I believe creation is one of those gifts that connects all of us to our creator. In the times when I have put off creating for extended periods, I have felt like a part of me is missing; longing for that connection.

    There are times during the creation of art, particularly when depicting the Savior and His ministry, that I have trouble seeing the piece in front of me because the tears start flowing so freely. There is something incredible in the spirit that can flow through us as instruments in God’s hands to share His light and love.

  • How has your art strengthened your faith?
  • A lot of times when I feel inspired to create something, it’s like the loaves and fishes. I have this grand idea in my head, but the knowledge, skill and resources I have seem far below that vision.

    But I start just the same and trust in the guidance and voice that said, “Go make this.”

    At the end I look back and consider much of what transpires in the creation of these pieces as a miracle and am so grateful to God for showing me how much more he can make of us when we trust Him and offer our gifts freely.

  • What do you hope for the people who see your art?
  • In the work I create, I hope that people will find themselves inspired, lifted and encouraged in life. I hope they will feel more of God’s presence, his peace and the power to approach each day in life with greater enthusiasm and perspective.

  • Can you share about a time you felt the hand of the Lord in your work?
  • I’m not the most technical person in the world and the art I create about the Savior can require a lot of technical details I’m not familiar with. There have been times when working on a piece that I just get stuck, unsure of how to proceed. In those moments I’ll offer up a silent prayer of “Please help me figure this out”, only to have an idea come to my mind saying “try this” and I do and it works!

  • How do you think someone can come to Hear Him through your artwork?
  • When I began the series for “The Lord is My Light” I felt impressed to depict the Savior in close proximity and in action without portraying His face. These pieces are not about what the Savior looked like, but who He was, what He did and continues to do to act in our lives.

    As people take time to ponder this art, with eyes and heart, I believe they will be able to hear and feel much of the same wonderful inspiration and tender love I felt in the work’s creation.

  • What’s next for you?
  • I plan to continue creating work on the Savior’s life for the foreseeable future and am working to share it as widely as I can. In that regard I am grateful to be part of the SALT Summit and to be able to connect with so many wonderful like-minded souls.

    Eva’s art is featured on the cover of our SALT Summit workbook and she is a digital SWAG Bag sponsor. 

    Register today at for tickets to the SALT Summit, where we will be featuring Eva’s painting, “For the Love of One.”

    You can see more of Eva’s work at her website, and on Instagram @eva_timothy

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