Amanda Peterson: A Walk with Him

Amanda Peterson: A Walk with Him

Amanda is one of our seven featured artists for our SALT Summit and her piece, “Walk with HIM,” is featured in the Summit’s workbook. Amanda shares a little bit about who she is, how she relies on her Savior during hard times, and why she started the Walk With HIM series below:

I was born in Houston, Texas and will always claim Texas.  My grandma told me that as a 7th generation Texan I need to be proud of it!!  I moved to Utah when I was 6 and have lived here ever since.  I now live in Orem, Utah with my husband and our six children. (Five of them which are here on earth with us and one in heaven.)

I have always loved photography.  In high school I always carried a film camera around to document what my friends and I were doing.  When I had my first child I didn’t want to miss anything and loved taking pictures of him.  I slowly started to photograph other families and kids and my business slowly grew over the years into wedding and commercial photography. I have now been enjoying photography for over 18 years.  A couple of years ago I knew that I wanted to take my photography to a new place and create something for me.  I also wanted to create art for others to bring into their homes that would uplift, inspire and bring a sense of peace and closeness to our Savior.  

The Walk with HIM collection allows others to picture Christ in their hearts and minds while sharing His light.  We all view Christ in a different way and I have loved hearing how these prints speak to everyone.  Whether it’s Walking with HIM, Learning of HIM, Taking HIS hand or Following HIM, most of us have an experience where Christ has touched us.  I want everyone to feel HIS love for them and know that all of our paths are different and that He loves us all unconditionally.  HIS love is constant. 

When my first son passed away unexpectedly when he was 15 months old, I found a strong connection with my Savior.  I knew he was always there, walking with me, taking my hand, and leading me through the grief and pain I was experiencing and trying to navigate.  Even though it’s now been 16 years since we lost our son, I still know my Savior is right by my side.  He was and always will be my constant. In my lowest of lows I felt Him wrap his arms around me and I felt the most overwhelming peace I have ever felt in my life. Looking at these pieces I’ve created takes me back to days and nights where my faith was tested and questions about why and why me were unknown.  Through faith, hope and perseverance, I know that no matter what paths I take or decisions I make, He is always there.    

I don’t know what’s next for me but all I know is I do love to create.  With 5 kids between the ages of 4-15 my life is a little crazy.  So whether the next step is now or in 5 or 10 years I’m not quite sure.  I’ve learned that I have to give myself grace as I am in the thick of motherhood and also running a business. Not all areas of my life will be perfect and I just do things as I feel pulled to do them.  For now I’m loving the life I live and am staying as close as I possibly can to my Savior to help direct me during these unsure and ever-changing times in the world.

Thank you for letting me share my story and artwork with you.

Amanda's piece, “Walk with HIM,” is featured in our SALT workbook. You can find more of Amanda's work on her website,, and on Instagram at 

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