2021 Come, Follow Me Calendar

2021 Come, Follow Me Calendar

Do you feel pulled in all directions as you try to do everything for everyone? Have you felt weighed down by the responsibility of the home-centered, church-supported curriculum we are invited to study as individuals and families?

As members of the SALT Team we have, yet we also acknowledge the importance of learning and teaching the gospel in our homes. We have felt the need to simplify what we do and how we do it!

Our Come, Follow Me Calendar is designed to help you teach in simple and meaningful ways:

  • Beautiful illustrations and hand-lettered verses by the talented Bre from Bre Design Co that serve as a visual reminder of what was happening in the history of the Church 
  • Weekly summaries of each week's sections in the scriptures
  • Conversation starters to weave naturally into the course of your day
  • Actions items to inspire you as you apply what you learn

We are so happy to provide a tool to help make Come, Follow Me studying at home uncomplicated and manageable!

Grab your calendar in our shop!  


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