2021 Come, Follow Me Resources

2021 Come, Follow Me Resources

Let’s talk 2021 resolutions! Mine are a little more home-focused this year because well, 2020. Keeping hope strong for good things to come, but also working on managing expectations for things within my control. 

Resuscitating my Come, Follow Me study both individually and with my family is at the top of my list. If you’re anything like me and have all the gusto to create consistent gospel-centered habits, but often lack the follow-through, these resources are for you!

Our SALT Team has rounded up TEN of some of the best supplemental materials online to help you recharge your Come, Follow Me Study. 

1.  Ruby Girl - 1 Minute Scripture Study

Do you love girl power? How about women spiritually supporting women? If answer=yes then Ruby Girl is the place for you. Best of all, it’s ideal for the teenage dreams in your life, too. Ruby Girl is all about helping young girls unplug from the world, sidestep Satan’s snares, and focus on living a life centered in truth. 

Ruby Girl is a warrior princess personified, and you’ll LOVE what they're doing to help teen and adult women alike dive into their scriptures. Each week the One-Minute Scripture Study Podcast shares five short (we’re talking like three minutes here, girl) podcasts highlighting a point of doctrine from the corresponding curriculum, as well as a deep-dive episode on Monday’s to give you a more panoramic view of the material. 

This podcast is a dream come true for busy families and we LOVE that it’s targeted toward all you sista-friends out there. Check Ruby Girl out today! Find them on IG at @rubygirlorg. 

2.  The Scripture Study Podcast

We love this fresh podcast from husband and wife team Zach and Krista Horton! Go deep into the scriptures each week with additional insights and background for the week’s scripture block. 

Follow them on Instagram at @scripturestudyproject for additional resources, like maps, timelines and free downloads. We love what this dynamic duo is accomplishing! 

 3.  Kindred Kids

Are your kiddos visual learners? I’m going to answer for you: YES. Most children respond so well to visual learning. And while we love the materials from the church (all Book of Mormon heroes had KILLER abs) we’re always looking to change it up a bit. 

That’s why we love Kindred Kids - this cute small business offers 51 flip cards for each standard work, one card for each week of content. Each card includes cute, colorful and modern design (sans abs) to help get your kiddos engaged and asking questions. 

These cards were designed with rough-and-tumble littles in mind, so they are durable and can last you the entire year. Win! Each card includes an illustration, the lesson title, reading assignments, key scriptures and applicable challenges. And they are so cute!

Follow Kindred Kids on Instagram at @kindredkids_ 

4.  Come, Follow Me FHE

If you want to incorporate full lesson plans into your Come, Follow Me routine, be sure to check out our friends at Come, Follow Me FHE. Find a wide selection of monthly subscription options that delivers planned, prepared, and printed lessons and activities right to your door. 

Come, Follow Me also offers a coloring subscription for young children so those tiny hands can stay busy during your family gospel discussions. 

What a dream! Follow Come, Follow Me FHE on Instagram at @comefollowmefhe

5.  Real Talk Come, Follow Me Podcast

Podcast hosts Ganel-Lyn Condie and Scott Sorensen have created 20-minute, easily digestible portions of each week’s Come, Follow Me curriculum for you to chew on all week long! They shine brightest in their ability to make the scriptures accessible for you gal pals living your best lives out there. We love how real it is and know you will, too!

Real Talk Come, Follow Me Podcast, presented by Seagull Book, is available wherever you listen to your podcasts. You can also find them on Instagram at @realtalkcomefollowme. Download one of their free printables here

6.  Creative Come, Follow Me

Meet MeckMom! We absolutely adore Maria Eckersley and all of her straight-up FIRE content! She has drawn on her creativity roots to build a phenomenal Creative Come, Follow Me course that will make all of your scripture study dreams come true.

Tailored for a family with kiddos of varying ages, each subscription to her super-awesome-rad course includes weekly insight videos, printable materials for hands-on learning, creative videos that teach by object lessons, and extensive study notes. 

Creative Come, Follow Me is a great way to infuse some life into your family study. Learn more at Maria’s website and follow her on IG at @meckmomlife. 

7.  Saints of History

This brand new Instagram account is a MUST visit each week! Adam Watson features Latter-day Saints that coincide with the weekly Come, Follow Me readings for Doctrine and Covenants. Take a deeper dive into the people behind the pages of the Doctrine and Covenants! I am a big fan of anything that teaches me more about the saints in the scriptures, so this page is a new fave! 

You can follow Saints of History on Instagram at @saintsofhistory

8.  Come, Follow Me: Family Study

Looking for some additional structure to level-up your Come, Follow Me Study as a family, we have some great news for you. It’s called: Come, Follow Me: Family Study! This awesome study guide includes palatable portions of each week’s lesson and makes them engaging and dynamic for the whole family. 

If you’re stuck in a rut but don’t have the time to diversify your family learning, this is a great resource to consider. Visit their website to try a three-week sample of their stellar study guide!

9.  Meridian Magazine Come, Follow Me Podcast

Another favorite podcast that takes a different approach than other podcasts like Don’t Miss This. Scott and Maurine Proctor share their expansive research and travel expeditions to the Holy Land to help bring the scriptures to life. 

You can find this content wherever you listen to podcasts, and on the Meridian Magazine website. 

10.  SALT Gathering

Last but not least, SURPRISE! IT’S US! Salt Gathering has created these dreamy Come, Follow Me calendars in collaboration with the divine Bre Design Co. We also share a Come, Follow Me lesson recap each Monday and conversations prompts each Wednesday over on our IG. Not to toot our own horn but… toot toot! 

Check out these resources and find the ones that work best for you! We believe in you, sister-friend! We can’t wait to see how you take charge and teach the gospel with power in your homes this coming year. 

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